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Below you will find the most recent news items relating to the Global Employee Engagement Index.

Indian employees most positive of all the BRIC countries

All eyes are focused on the BRIC countries, the fastest growing economies in the world. How do the employees in these countries experience that explosive growth? Effectory, European market leader in employee surveys, researched this in a worldwide employee survey - the Global Employee Engagement Index™ - and points out major differences in work perception.

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Can employees be engaged in Greece?

It’s all over the media; it looks like Greece will not meet the required 11.5 billion in cutbacks. How does this affect the engagement of Greek employees? In spite of the current situation in Greece, the Global Employee Engagement IndexTM shows that 24.5% of Greek employees are engaged with their work and are committed to the organisation.

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Does Spain really differ much from the Netherlands?

Spain: the winner of the FIFA World Cup, and in dire financial straits. The Netherlands: one football defeat richer, and along with 17 Euro countries, decision-maker when it comes to the financial aid Spain receives. We realise that there are differences between Spain and the Netherlands, but if we compare the statistics on engagement among the professional population, how different are the two countries, actually?

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