France vs. Bulgaria


Effectory's organisational X-ray®, is the world's most comprehensive employee survey model that accurately maps what is going on in a particular country. It enables you to monitor the state of all the important HR factors that impact organisational performance in a specific country or continent. Employee engagement is just one element in this model. Other drivers such as leadership, commitment, productivity, absenteeism, customer orientation and so on are also included in this model. Consequently, you are given a complete insight into the global work force.

Below you find the differences between the regions you selected and the direct elements at work. Different to the elements of the organisation X-ray® (which are constructs derived from multiple questions and calculated with a specific formula), these drivers are directly related to the perception of the individual employees.

Workload analysis is the workload employees perceive at work. This could mean that people have too much work to do, make long hours and experience a bad work-life balance. It could also be that people don’t know how to work more efficient or more effective. High level of employee engagement and high workload could also be an alarm bell for a risk of long term absenteeism.