About Effectory International

With headquarters located in the vibrant and multi-cultural centre of Amsterdam, Effectory International are Europe’s largest independent employee survey and employee engagement survey specialists as well as employee engagement experts. Together with our partners, we use the power of employee feedback, high quality dialogue and practical insights to drive employee engagement and continually improve organisational performance.

Our focus lies in creating awareness,bottom-up dialogue, and in motivating organisations to use the survey insights to drive employee engagement and employee commitment Our aim is to make employee survey journeys effortless on the one hand, and yet impactful on the other. The near 20 years of experience that we’ve gained and our European roots means we are perfectly positioned to understand the subtle cultural differences, as well as the complex nature of conducting international surveys. 


To provide multinational organisations with innovative HR tooling and solutions to guide them along a journey that continually drives employee engagement. By using the power of employee feedback, we provide inspiring insights that create high quality dialogue and impact.


To inspire organisations across the world to capitalise on employee engagement in pursuit of higher organisational performance and sustainable employership.

Committed to HR

Alongside our work with multinationals, we also maintain a long standing commitment to releasing regular blogs, reports and whitepapers that provide the HR community with accessible, relevant and practically useful insights.