About G.E.E.I.

Effectory International conducts a yearly global labour market scan using a representative sample size for 56 countries. Employees from all over the world give their opinion in a global employee survey, about their employer, working environment, manager, colleagues, organisation, their understanding of their role in the organisation, and more.

This huge amount of data gives us valuable insights into the current global labour market. Moreover, we are able to compare the results between countries and continents, enabling us to understand what drives employees in a certain country and what holds them back.

National cultural norms clearly have an impact on the results, which becomes apparent when analysing the outcomes. It is not only Effectory International that interprets the outcomes; prominent business figures also give their interpretation of the Global Employee Engagement Index™ scores.

Effectory International believes that by sharing these employee metrics, presented in an easy-to-use format, HR professionals operating on a global level are able to carry out their jobs more effectively and international organisations are better able to connect with their workforce.

Please read on about the survey specifics for more technical details.