Interpretation from HR professionals

We have conducted several interviews with HR professionals around the world. Below you can read a few quotes taken from these interviews. To read the complete articles, please download the one you're interested in on the downloads page.

"Management does not perceive efficiency in this way as it focuses on efficiency on a larger scale. This could explain why efficiency is often perceived to be low amongst employees, while this is actually not the case looking at the bigger picture."
- Lisette van de Sandt, ERIKS -

"Companies that do not concern themselves with employee-based surveys may attach less value to employee satisfaction and are more focused on financial results. It does not surprise me that these companies score lower on retention factor and satisfaction."
- Stephen Pierce, Hitachi Europe -

"Indian people are generally very competitive. Considering education and jobs as a scarce good, they strive to excel and exploit the chances they get."
- Vikram Kapoor, iSense -

"Southern Europeans are overall, typically more negative, this was apparent in our survey for Moog Inc. and it is again noticeable looking at the scores of the Global Employee Engagement Index™."
- Colin Adams, Moog Inc. -

"The word ‘Kal’ in the Indian language can mean both ‘yesterday’ as well as ‘tomorrow’. This is a perfect example of the relaxed mindset concerning time and rules, typical in Indian culture."
- Dianne Kapoor-Elsinga, iSense -