Interpretation of the results

Differences can certainly be noted amongst the various regions. The question is: how do we best interpret them? We consult not only our only highly experienced staff, but also leading professionals in the global HR field.

Interpretation from Effectory International

Over the years, Effectory International has developed extensive experience in the field of employee surveys. It is very interesting to see that there are a lot of differences between different areas in the world. For instance, Europe and North America score high in different areas. However, when we look at the Asian results, we notice that the scores are relatively low compared to the global average. 

For more information, please read the interpretation from Effectory International 

Interpretation from HR professionals

We have conducted numerous interviews with HR professionals around the world. Each person has his or her own view on the scores around the world. Please read on to find out how HR professionals interpret the results of the Global Employee Engagement Index.